Decorating With Neutrals, Why Not?

Decorating With Neutrals, Why Not? – All too often people are accused of being boring or timid if they decorate with neutrals. This misunderstood palette is far from bland and drab; it can be timelessly classic, slick and contemporary, calm and soothing or even downright bold.
As with any successful design, a neutral colour scheme requires some basic elements and components and if you keep the following in mind, you can create a stunning space that is definitely NOT boring.


Contrast creates depth and visual interest; it forces the eye to stop and start as it moves around a room. Without it, a neutral palette can easily become a colourless ‘blob’. Remember contrast when you’re choosing fabrics, furniture finishes and accessories. A balance of light and dark is the key to just the right amount of contrast without making the room too busy.

neutral decor tips

As with contrast, texture is required for visual interest and depth. Paint a wall white and you have a white wall. Install white brick veneer on a wall and, voila, you’ve got a wall with interest and depth. Texture can be incorporated with fabrics, finishes, flooring and artwork.

Architectural Details

Any amount of architectural detail, adds character to a room and is a great addition to any room. Oversized baseboards, crown molding, chair rail and raised panels all give a room personality and compliment a neutral palette without taking over.

Bring the Nature in

Make sure to bring nature into your design. Nature’s green breathes life into any space. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t fret; some of today’s silk plants are so convincing that you may be the only one who knows they’re not real.


Colour Twist.

Yes, COLOUR! Don’t assume that a neutral palette has to lack colour. You can create a neutral design around any hue as long as it’s not deep and vivid. A colour’s intensity is referred to as chroma and any low chroma colour can be the start of a good neutral scheme. Try a pale blue grey or even a purple grey . Bring in varying shades of that colour to complete the look. When selecting different tones or shades, make sure that you keep everything in the same hue. For instance, a cream colour that has a pink undertone will fight with one that has a yellow undertone.

Keep these decorating with neutrals tips in mind, when you’re creating your neutral design to ensure your room has character, interest and balance. No one will walk into your room and think ‘Boring’!