How To Decorate With Vases

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How To Decorate With Vases ~ You can never have too many vases in your home. They are both a useful and decorative item. Vases are not only vessels to put our flowers in.

Some vases have traditionally held fresh or silk flower arrangements. Use one as a centerpiece for your dining room table or living room. Choose another space for an accent, on side table or your foyer.

Vases come in many styles, sizes, shapes and materials. This dictates how the container is to be used.
I think pottery vases or ceramic are great as planters. We can use inside and outside our home. A sparkly mosaic vase will decorate a table.
I like placing a crystal vase for give a more formal look to a space.
vases decor tips
Sometimes, a vase can also be used as an elegant accent piece in our home. They are available in many shapes and sizes. These range between simple, petite, tapered containers to large rectangular vessels, square planters reely form shaped glass or pottery. A container’s configuration will determine if whenever they an argument as being a stand-alone piece or perhaps be found in a collection.

Use a colorful vase as part of a grouping to add interest to a space or to highlight a specific color in a space.
To achieve the best decor results, We should matching the vase style with the style in the space We are going to place it in. A rustic terracotta planter would look out of place in a modern space filled with glass, mirrors and stainless steel.

Similarly, if a dainty crystal bud vaseon placed on a large rough-hewn wood table, it would look out of place. Therefore, a stone vessel would work outside while a mirrored vase would not.

The size of a vase also plays a part in how it is used. A small narrow bud vase is perfect for a single red rose, while a large cut glass vase can accommodate a dozen roses. In addition, a large uniquely shaped vase can be used as a focal point on your entry table, while several similar small vases would make a nice collection to display together on a shelf.

Add a large planter vase to your living room to bring a plant or small tree to the space or to add some flowers to your front porch. There are many uses for vases inside and outside your home. Overall, the size, shape and material of a vase will determine the best use for the piece. In short, vases are a wonderful decorating tool to bring color, nature and interest to a space.

Odd Table Lamps – Not For The Typical Home Decor


Unique Ideas bout Odd Table Lamps  ~ When there are so many examples of unique and unusual ways to decorate your home, why accept the dull and ordinary table lamps that everyone else owns because they don’t want people to think they are not “normal”?

If you want to buy something and you get much enjoyment from looking at it, why not proudly display it in your home and forget about what other people might think? How can you ever be happy always trying to please someone else?

unique-table-lamps decoration
Let me describe to you some of the unique and unusual table lamps available that you might get a kick out of…

Dragon With Globe Table Lamp

For anyone who wants to add a little Medievalness to their living rooms, this is the lamp that will do it. A ghoulish looking mythological fire breathing dragon is holding up a globe with one hand and with the other a sword. It stands guard ready to defend your castle… figuratively of course.

Monkeys Bahama Lamp

This unique lamp will add a tropical theme to your living space. A palm tree trunk holds the lampshade. At the base of this lamp you will see three little monkeys. One has his eyes covered. One has his ears covered. And one has his mouth covered. They collectively hear, speak and see no evil.

Salt Bowl Table Lamp

I don’t know much about crystals, but from what I’ve heard some people believe they have healing powers. They also believe you’ll experience calm and tranquility. All I know is that when the rocks are glowing, they really do look warm and have a nice color.

Grim Reaper Conjurer Lamp

With this lamp, your friends will really think you’re odd — assuming they don’t already think so. In this lamp, the Grim Reaper is gazing over his crystal ball likely foretelling the future. Surrounding this crystal ball are human skulls, perhaps a collection of his victims. It’s a little dark, but hey you might be into these types of bizarre things… Who am I to judge?

Okay, I think I’ve given you enough examples of the unique and unusual styles of table lamps as alternatives to the dull and boring ones everyone else owns. Hey, if you like how they look and how they make you feel, don’t let other people’s opinion bother you. Go ahead and decorate your home with what you really want. You’ll be happier for it.

Decorating With Neutrals, Why Not?


Decorating With Neutrals, Why Not? – All too often people are accused of being boring or timid if they decorate with neutrals. This misunderstood palette is far from bland and drab; it can be timelessly classic, slick and contemporary, calm and soothing or even downright bold.
As with any successful design, a neutral colour scheme requires some basic elements and components and if you keep the following in mind, you can create a stunning space that is definitely NOT boring.


Contrast creates depth and visual interest; it forces the eye to stop and start as it moves around a room. Without it, a neutral palette can easily become a colourless ‘blob’. Remember contrast when you’re choosing fabrics, furniture finishes and accessories. A balance of light and dark is the key to just the right amount of contrast without making the room too busy.

neutral decor tips

As with contrast, texture is required for visual interest and depth. Paint a wall white and you have a white wall. Install white brick veneer on a wall and, voila, you’ve got a wall with interest and depth. Texture can be incorporated with fabrics, finishes, flooring and artwork.

Architectural Details

Any amount of architectural detail, adds character to a room and is a great addition to any room. Oversized baseboards, crown molding, chair rail and raised panels all give a room personality and compliment a neutral palette without taking over.

Bring the Nature in

Make sure to bring nature into your design. Nature’s green breathes life into any space. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t fret; some of today’s silk plants are so convincing that you may be the only one who knows they’re not real.


Colour Twist.

Yes, COLOUR! Don’t assume that a neutral palette has to lack colour. You can create a neutral design around any hue as long as it’s not deep and vivid. A colour’s intensity is referred to as chroma and any low chroma colour can be the start of a good neutral scheme. Try a pale blue grey or even a purple grey . Bring in varying shades of that colour to complete the look. When selecting different tones or shades, make sure that you keep everything in the same hue. For instance, a cream colour that has a pink undertone will fight with one that has a yellow undertone.

Keep these decorating with neutrals tips in mind, when you’re creating your neutral design to ensure your room has character, interest and balance. No one will walk into your room and think ‘Boring’!

How to Reupholster An Old Stool


How to Reupholster An Old Stool StoryHi, My name is Joan.  My father have an old stool (chair height) that needs some TLC. My father had it for over seventy years. It’s old and ratty.

It’s one of those small armless stools that gives extra seating when my family come over. I use it often but it really doesn’t go well with the rest of my decor. I’d like to give it a fresh look but I’ve never reupholstered anything, can you walk me through the steps?

Dear Joan,
I think the art of reupholstering is one that everyone needs to be able to learn and appreciate. Who doesn’t have a piece of furniture that needs a little tender loving care and a whole lot of love? Or rather fabric, staples and elbow grease.

Today, I say this tips below with caution:
I don’t suggest that your 1st reupholstering attempt be an advanced piece like a french provincial chair.
Therefore, lets me advice and try reupholstering a small piece such as a chair seat or, in this case, a lovely stool.

pic of old-stool-reupholster-tips

Supplies needed for reupholster an old stool project:

  1. Heavy duty stapler
  2. Upholstery fabric
  3. Stool with upholstered top
  4. Flat screwdriver
  5. Needle nose pliers

Firstly, please remove the seat from the stool. Flip the stool upside down and, using a flat screwdriver and pliers, remove the fabric covering the seat.
Lay the new piece of fabric face down on the floor and place the stool seat face down on the fabric. Cut the piece of fabric in a larger square than the size of the seat leaving ample fabric in each direction to cover the sides and partly under the seat.

Secondly, starting on one side, staple the new fabric to the bottom of the seat. Then move on to the opposite side. You will need to stretch and staple the material to it finish similarly.

Once the two opposing ends are secured, repeat the same process for sides three and four making sure to pull the fabric tight.

Lastly, think of the corners as when you are wrapping a gift. You want to staple both sides to the corner so you’ll form a “peak”, then fold the peak and staple it to the back of the seat. Screw the seat back to the metal base.  Congratulation!  you currently have an attractive “new” stool 🙂

3 Inspiring Looks for Any Room in the Home


3 Inspiring Looks for Any Room in the Home – Some home decoration options are versatile enough to be used in some room of our home. Those few that can be utilized throughout the home are truly very special. You can find inspiration through many different looks, and home decor styles and options are as diverse as the homes they decorate.

Check out three inspiring looks for any room in the home and get ideas for creating a more fashionable space to call your own.


1. Neutral shades combined with faith-filled accessories.
You can never go wrong with a neutral color palette and expressions of faith throughout your home. There is no right or wrong room for this type of decor, and it can be a great way to add the perfect amount of cohesive flow between each room.

Neutrals coordinate ideally between each other, meaning that you do not have to be an expert in interior design to create the perfect color palettes throughout your home. In addition, the palette does not have to be identical or boring simply by pairing the neutrals with faith-filled expressions and artwork to tie colors and textures together in a unique way. This is a very trendy idea that works well regardless of the colors and styles that you pair it with in each room.

color decoration-tips

2. Striking color contrasts with bursts of color.
Another of the most popular home decor styles is to create a striking color contrast paired with color bursts. Get inspiration for this type of decor on just about any top home decorating show on television and through the vast majority of websites on the same topic, or find colors in nature or other places that inspire you.

Black and white are the most common contrasts, but any two shades that are opposite each other on the color wheel work great as a foundation for this type of decoration. Pair them with a bold shade that really stands out as an accessory shade, such as one that is completely different than the two foundation shades.

For instance, choose a black and white foundation with touches of red throughout the room, or take an opposite approach and pair white with blue and silver.

3. Nature-inspired looks paired with clean accents.
The eco-friendly movement has inspired most of us to change everything about our home’s decor, from color palette to textures and much more. The colors and themes found in nature are a wonderful source of motivation and creativity to get the perfect decor for your home. This includes looks based on the colorful found in many different ecosystems around the world, such as the beach, rain-forest, mountains, desert, prairie, and others, and each has different seasons that can also serve as additional sources of inspiration.

Pair these with clean accents, meaning Eco-friendly accessories, furniture, appliances, fixtures, and so on, in order to stick to the green theme and create a fabulous home room-by-room. You can use this approach in a room of the home for the truly inspiring touch overall.

5 Tips for Trendy Home Decor on a Budget

Tips for Trendy Home Decor on a Budget – With the onslaught of affordable and do-it-yourself programs of any type of media nowadays, it really is hard not to take notice. Often, these programs have been in the theme of “Before” and “After”, showcasing a finished product (usually finished in a weekend) that is trendy, stylish and inspiring.

So, you gaze around your property and think that you would not be aware of where to begin.  or you don’t have anything to give my property stylish and trendy.

trendy home-decoration picture


Maybe it really is both, or some other reason based by yourself financial situation. If you love your home, and stylists would voice it out is outdated, don’t fuss- your house is your own sanctuary and if the ducky, country decor of  1990’s still makes you feel wonderful, then keep it. It is actually that.

If you are interested and luxuriate in maintaining an elegant up-to-date look there are some terms you ought to understand: fad and trend.

Generally, speaking a fad only lasts 5 months into a year, while a trend could last upwards of 7 to 10 years. Whether you need to re-vamp your decor with one, or both, you may want to try several of ‘5 tips for trendy decor in your home with a budget‘ suggestions, particularly if are inexpensively :

1. Sometimes all that’s needed is an item of furniture which says “wow”.

Absolutely, look at your neighborhood Salvation Army or thrift store. Remember that trends appear and vanish, that serves to locate a piece which is cheap that although from another decade is back in style!

You can get deals from amazon web shop or other retail market of $10 or over. If your style is proper, then perhaps all it needs is a coat of paint. This is how training regimen your pop of fad color, in the event you desire.

2. Paint color is just about the utmost important trend in home decor.


If you do not anticipate painting every few years, then choose colors from your already established color chart, or create your own, about the conservative side in the forecast (you should check out forecast colors your favorite paint company’s website, or at ) These can generally stay in trend longer, and they are probably simpler to coordinate with colors and patterns. If you like to switch your paint colors frequently, purchase paint that you can afford. You may also get “boo-boo” or mistints for any deal.

Mix your own personal colors. View a color wheel on the web and mix colors that will bring you the effect you need. Work with an old margarine container to measure parts, before doing the large mix.

If you want a fad color, then you could always paint one wall as a feature wall A small project that can be done every season if you want!


3. Maintain window dressings neutral and classic.

Window coverings may be expensive so if you are with limited funds it is almost always advisable to deal with them, unless you find something which is both trendy and economical.

4. Scatter mats could be a useful method of incorporating a fresh trend in terms of pattern, texture and color.

Whether for the entry way or under the coffee table, it is possible to usually find a number of prices and qualities using this accessory.


5. Accessories like pillows can be used to change fads and trends.

And, although this is a great idea, it’s not at all always economically feasible. Pillows could be expensive! If you are good having a sewing machine, you can create your personal covers which can be interchangeable- using a fad color on the one hand along with a more conservative yet trendy color and pattern on the other instrument. It is possible to flip forwards and backwards based on your mood or whom you are entertaining.